• In our family, Food = Love. When a meal was cooked for you, you felt loved. When you came home from school to find a fresh batch of cookies waiting for you on the table, you felt loved. Food brings our family a truly special feeling, and we want others to feel our love and gratitude through our cupcakes.

  • Giving back to the community that supports our Bakery is very important to us and we feel we can make a significant difference in the community. Sugar Bakery has chosen to partner with the Connecticut Food Bank to feed the hungry and spread the love. Throughout the year, Sugar will be hosting food drives and special promotions that will benefit the Connecticut Food Bank and the communities it serves. Through our cupcakes, we can sweeten an individual’s day and fill their bellies at the same time. Stay tuned to our website, Facebook and Twitter for these event updates.

  • This organization is very dear to us, and we are certain that the cause you are supporting is just as important to you as well. We are all trying to make a difference in our own way, so keep up the great work!