Our Story

    Run by the Mother/Daughter team of Carol Vollono and Brenda DePonte, Sugar Bakery was dreamed up in 2004.
    Brenda had been living in New York City studying fashion merchandising and marketing, and missed her tight knit family terribly…especially the way her mother made their home feel extra special with her freshly baked desserts that adorned the table daily. One night while visiting home, Brenda and Carol were discussing their dreams and the passion they had for both baking and enjoying delicious desserts. Brenda was inspired by the modern and trendy styles of the City, and wanted to put a new twist on her mother’s classic desserts. Carol had been baking since the age of 8, when she first stood on a stool next to her mother to learn. After many years teaching herself how to perfect her skills, Carol had mastered the art of putting her own twist on old recipes. So the two decided to take a leap of faith and combine their knowledge, skill and passion for a decadent dessert. The collaboration of the two minds was epic. Sugar Bakery was born!